Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Using songs for transitions in the classroom

I love to sing in the classroom... I don't know if my students love it because I'm not the best singer, but it is one of my favourite parts of teaching first grade. I find myself using songs for everything; moving from one place to the next, remembering all the things we need to bring/pack, academic ideas that need to be remembered and simply just for fun!
Why sing?

I find that students will sing along and the chatter will often lessen or stop. What we are singing often gives directions for what to do next, so I think it helps students to be verbally expressing the instructions while doing them. I always get compliments on how well my students walk in the hall, and the little song we sing before walking in the hall seems to help a lot!
Sometimes I sing the same song repetitively so that students can know it by heart and say it along with me, and other times I make a song up on the spot to teach them something new.
There are a few songs I didn't want to forget and use on a regular basis, so I made posters for my classroom. They come in all different colours to match your classroom theme. How do you use music and songs in the classroom?

Mrs. Dunn

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  1. As an Occupational Therapist in the schools I know that music/singing helps my children who have developmental weaknesses. It provides them with rhythm which is the basis for fluid movement and it also assist with self-regulation (calming or alerting). And classical music (Bach)is wonderful when children are creating and/or writing.