Thursday, 30 April 2015

Math Centres... Numbers 1-100 and Skip Counting

This year I have been trying a WHOLE new approach to math because in the past...well...let's just say that math wasn't my most favourite thing to teach ;)
And let me tell you, what a difference, my kids love it and I look forward to teaching it, nothing better than that.
So basically it revolves around a weekly system of teaching and centre based practice of outcomes.

Monday- I complete a full lesson on the outcomes, we practice as a class and then the students practice in groups, partners or on their own.
Tuesday- I complete a mini lesson on the outcome and then go through the centre activities. Students complete one centre.
Wednesday- I complete a mini lesson on the outcome and then students complete two centres.
Thursday- I complete a mini lesson on the outcome and then students complete two centres.
Friday- We review what we have learned over the week and complete any unfinished centres.

How I set up rotations:
I have a bulletin board with each of the centres
Computers, Alone, Manipulatives, Problem Solve, and Partner
Each group is listed underneath of the title card, and when they complete a centre then I just move the groups to the next space. I have three bins with binders to contain paperwork. The students complete all activities in their math interactive notebook.

Here are some sample centre activities from this unit. They especially love the partner games and playing on the computer. At the alone centre I get a chance to work with small groups on areas that they need improvement. The centres really allow for differentiation as I can put different manipulatives and activities into the bins as the groups work through them.

You can find my entire unit HERE.

Mrs. Dunn

Monday, 27 April 2015

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Earth Day...Really late...

Ok so I am super late posting this...but well... life got in the way I suppose!!
We did lights out, as much as possible, at school for the day. I didn't actually find no lights too bad to manage with the window open. No technology YIKES!!! My firsties and I really missed our SMARTboard, computers and FM system but I think it was good for them to see how much we use electricity in our day.

I wanted the day to be a photocopy free day!!! It makes sense that we use recycled materials instead of wasting paper... so here is some of our activities. I had the students make pictures out of magazines. They were really creative; robots, trees, penguins, dogs and flowers OH MY!!
 Our next photocopy free art project used a book that was falling apart! I had students write I heart the Earth and then we painted our Earth in the heart. Turned out super cute and was Earth friendly to boot.
It was a great day, but the kids asked if we were going back to normal tomorrow, as in do we get the computers and SMARTboard back ;). Even though we turned our technology back on we are more conscious of how much we are using it and the kids have been reminding me to turn off the lights and SMART board when not in use. 
Happy Earth Day!

Mrs. Dunn