Monday, 20 May 2013

Urban and Rural

Sometimes I find Social slightly challenging to make... enticing shall we say... to the students. It usually depends on the topic and their experience with it, but making some things relatable to a six year old when they have never seen it before can be a challenge. I am trying to mix it into other subject areas, such as art, to achieve this. Our latest and greatest topic is centered around urban and rural. Of course we have discussed, read stories, made charts, watched videos but I wanted to tie everything together with a fun art project to go into our Social Alphabet book.

U is for Urban. In the city I can see...
Here is the art project: We painted the sky in yellow and red swirls and then glued the silhouetted buildings onto it. Next time I think I will have the students add other things we find in the city, but we are just plain running out of time!!
R is for Rural. In the country I can see...
We used straws and painted half the page blue dots and half the page with green dots.

Then the students picked an animal and made it out of these shapes.

Here is an example of what the project looked like when completed

Mrs. Dunn

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Mother's Day

Although Mother's Day has come and gone, I thought I would post the cutie cards that we made. The kids made frames from clay, wrapped in tissue paper, and then we put these cupcakes on top as a card.

Turned out super cute. Kids could pick any special lady in their life, I had a different card for each (sister, Grandma, etc).

Check it out here, along with a mini descriptive writing booklet.

Mrs. Dunn

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Eric Carle and Spring Centres

This month's centres have an author focus on Eric Carle, of course so many of his books fit perfectly with springtime and the units we study in Science.
Puppet Centre

Students were making caterpillars, which also fits with building things as students need to make this kind of a puppet (accordion style)

Listening Centre

Students sequenced the story "Mixed up Chameleon" after watching it on the Smartboard. They LOVE this story, such a good one.

Thematic Book

Students wrote their own version of the very hungry caterpillar story. 

Students did some writing about spring time. I always give them a picture to glue on otherwise they spend the entire centre drawing pictures and colouring instead of writing!

Guided Reading

After reading and discussing with the guided reading group, they did a response in their booklet.

Working with words
I found this ridiculously cute word family craft on Teachers Pay Teachers from Susan Moran- TGIF here. Makes for easy differentiation just change the word family or the number of words they need to write!

One of my amazing partner teachers gave me this cool activity to go with the mixed up chameleon. The kids pick which creature they would be if they were the chameleon and then glue on the body parts and write about it. So cute!!

Last centre is just sight word BINGO nothing too exciting there.

Also, we did a little craft to do some retelling with the mixed up chameleon. The kids made coloured the chameleon and cut out the centre of his body.. I will laminate and put on popsicle sticks. They created the background with all the different places the chameleon goes for the retelling.

Mrs. Dunn

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Another video! Skip counting

Every morning in math since about November I have played a flash it game with my students to develop subitizing skills and number sense. I put groups of objects, starting small in different arrangements and groups on the smart board, and flash three times. This way the children don't have time to count and must recognize arrangements quickly. After we practiced this lots, we have now started working on using flash it to skip count. Again, it forces the students to group and count because there is not enough time to count each individual object.
After we count the objects, student make groups of two students (peanut butter and jelly) and then tell each other how many they saw and verbalize how they know the number based on groupings and how they counted. 
I think this all sounds a bit confusing, watch the video below to see how it's done!!

Mrs. Dunn