Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Printing Centers

Practicing printing can be torturous, so I like to make it a little more fun by incorporating centers with our printing practice. Today we tried, we made a mess and had some fun too!
Today's letters (c, o and a) were brought to you by the magic c, the letter that can magically turn into other letters! So we used:

SHAVING CREAM; sigh, I am very brave. This came with a long preemptive speech. Me- This is NOT whip cream, or cool whip or anything delicious grade ones. Please don't eat it!

Noodles; not so sure that making curved letters out of straight noodles works the best, I will probably need to use macaroni or maybe I will just give them cooked noodles, but then they may eat them, dipped in shaving cream I'm sure, so maybe not the best idea.

Wrote on the white board, and then found the matching magnets to go with the letters.

 Play doh, one of my personal favourites.

So those are my printing centers. Thankfully they had music right after, as there were some shaving cream monsters coming out to play while we were trying to clean up and I was concerned that the students may be going home with shaving cream all over them. Try explaining that to parents . . .

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