Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Pinterest inspired!

I have recently made a few pinterest inspired things for the classroom and I thought I would share my spin on them.

Focus Sticks
You can find the link here. I love this idea, so I changed the format, printed on labels and made different versions. Here is what mine look like:

Student name call sticks
I got this idea from Kindertastic, so cute!
I got my paint sticks from a very nice lady at Benjamin Moore. I went in and said " I was wondering if you had any paint sticks."
She replied "Oh yes, here" and gave me two.

CHEEKS RED... um can I have about 25?


Indeed the things we do as teachers.

Anyways, the students names are on one colour and when they have been picked I flip it over. The jar says, Children are painted in the image of God.

AND my yoga on a stick resource that I created. I have now fallen in love with gluing things to coloured popsicle sticks. Who woulda thought? It all started with Cara Carroll and her awesome reading strategy cards. Again, you can get these yoga cards on my Teachers Pay Teachers site.

Have fun pinteresting!!

Mrs. Dunn

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