Tuesday, 12 March 2013

100 day... a little late!!

Well, with report cards finally being finished up, I made some time to get my pictures up from 100 day. We had the best day.
Here is Grandma Dunn, I may have pretended to be my Grandmother all day, and it may have actually worked.

The students dressed up too! We did super art project. The kids made themselves at 100 years old. They turned out just adorable.

We did centers all day and the kids really had a great time.
Making 100 day glasses
Making 100 day crowns
100 day writing booklet
Reading 100 day stories

Making words from one hundred
A student modelling the crown and necklace
Most of these activities were found on Teachers Pay Teachers. We had a super day, can't wait until the next 100 day!
Mrs. Dunn

Monday, 4 March 2013

New Chair Pockets!

So you may remember from before that I had bought book sox for chair pockets. WELL, it was becoming a bit of a disaster. A few of them broke, and so we had small piles of students things in various corners in the room, and when I went to get more book sox, they only had the smaller size. So.... I bought them.... and they broke within a couple of days. SIGH.
I got frustrated, I looked at those little piles of student things and I became obsessed. I would try to organize, them, I would tell the kids to organize them, I would look at them, and then I began to loathe the little piles that soon turned into heaps of things.
I took the big step. GULP I bought those really expensive chair pockets that I had vowed at the beginning of the year not to buy because, oh the book sox will work so well.
 I am now officially a happily organized and obsessive free (well for this anyway) first grade teacher. They are beautiful. They fit everything, I don't even need my name tags on desks anymore because they go in the back of chair pockets. There are no more growing mountains of things popping out of corners.

SIGH, so happy! Now to avoid showing the hubby my credit card bill. . .

Mrs. Dunn