Saturday, 13 May 2017

10 Must Have Classroom Essentials- Part 2

Part 2:
Problem: Writing on completed student work and communicating with students (and parents) about the work.

As my students were completing their work I would write notes, abbreviations in various coloured pens for work that was complete, incomplete, needed to be corrected or I had worked with them. I found it was taking lots of time and the abbreviations I was using may not have been clear to parents when they looked through their children's work.

I wanted some personalized stamps of some kind and found these amazing self inking ones that I was able to make into exactly what I wanted. 

These save me SO much time and help the students quickly fix anything that needs to be changed as well as keep parents in the loop so they know if work was completed with teacher assistance. I just can't live without these now! I got them from Rubber Stamps, they have a great selection, I want to make so many more!
See you next week for part 3!

Saturday, 6 May 2017

10 Must Have Classroom Essentials- Part 1

I find as a teacher I am constantly scouring the internet/books/asking other teachers for innovative ways to solve problems that I encounter in my classroom. I decided to do a little series (I will TRY to do 1 each week) of the top 10 essential 'problem solving items' in my classroom. 

Problem: Losing my voice/students focusing on my voice and directions. 
Have you ever found that all of that talking makes your voice run out of steam pretty quickly? I know I have. I also know that my students have some, erm, trouble hearing my voice at times. I'm not a quiet person at all, but even with a loud voice I still have some students struggle to 'focus on the sound of my voice'.
I knew I needed a voice amplifier, and over the years I have managed to snag one from our district services or Library, but they can be difficult to come by and are often broken or missing parts.
So I went searching on the internet to see if there was something affordable that I could get for myself and then I wouldn't have to worry each year about finding one.

SOLUTION: Enter the WinBridge voice amplifier. This thing is amazing. No separate speaker required, I attach this to my belt at the beginning of the day and I am ready to go. It is easy to charge and I find it lasts for quite a while. The headset works well and I don't find feedback to be an issue unless I put the mic too close to the amplifier.

At around $40, this has saved time, effort and MY VOICE. I just can't live without this classroom essential.

Check in next week to find another MUST HAVE in my classroom.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Father's Day S'mores

As we get closer to June, I am trying to plan ahead for Father's Day. I always have a difficult time coming up with ideas for something to make for Dad, and of course remain sensitive to those students   for which this is a difficult day.

What better way to make dad happy than through his stomach? I decided to create a bunch of different Father's Day activities about... SMORES!!! Yum. 

The students created bags with enough crackers, chocolate and marshmallows for a SMORE for their Dad and themselves. They were SO excited, and many of them told me after they made them while they were camping over the weekend, so fun.

They also made a booklet and card to take home as well for that special guy that takes care of them. They loved writing the story. We made a canvas picture using their hands for the fire, which turned out super cute.

How do you celebrate Father's Day in your classroom? You can find the writing activity, tag for the SMORE bag, card templates and more in my Father's Day resource.
Thanks for stopping by, Happy Father's Day!