Monday, 30 July 2012

10 Things About Mrs. Dunn

1.     I love to teach the first grade!
2.     I met my wonderful husband in fifth grade and married him in 2008.

3.     I LOVE to dance. I started when I was only four years old and have loved to move and groove ever since.

4.     I have a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppy named Quinn, he is adorable and amazing!

5.     I love camping, hiking and backpacking. I hiked the West Coast Trail; 7 days of backpacking adventurous fun.

6.     I love Dave Matthews Band, they are my go to band for any day of the week.

7.     I play Djembe drum, I'm not very good but I love to play and sing with my students.

8.     I love Anne of Green Gables- We went to the East Coast for our honeymoon and when we went to PEI and saw Anne's house, I may have shed a tear.

9.     I grew up in Red Deer, living with my brother, Mom and Dad in the same house until I moved to Edmonton for University.

10.   Favourites: My favourite colour is blue, my favourite food is lasagna, my favourite children's book is Stephanie's Ponytail, and my favourite TV shows are So You Think You Can Dance, How I Met Your Mother, and Being Erica.

Meet The Teacher

Welcome to First Grade Fun! I have been teaching for five years, three of those in first grade. I love my first graders and learning new things about how to make learning fun. One of my favourite ways to get new ideas for my classroom is to check out other teacher’s pictures and blogs. I thought a great way to share with others would be through a picture diary all about my own classroom. Thanks for visiting!

Mrs. Dunn