Friday, 6 March 2015

Five For Friday

I don't think that I've every done a Five for Friday before, but I figure there is always a first time for everything right!!!
The hubby came home from Poland this week, so it is super nice to have him home and not be the only one looking after the pup and the toddler. He is so tired though all jet lagged and such that I've had lots of time to get work done! Which leads me to the next post, it has been ALLLL about that math this week...
Yup, it's a thing. In my class. That I invented. That my kids think is AWESOME! We practice patterns with our bodies, skip counting while exercising and then we shake it off to Taylor Swift, picking the number and then practicing addition and subtraction. It is so much fun, the kids can't wait to do it and the BEST parts is it tires them out so I can teach my math lesson and they last longer than five minutes without getting the wiggles.
Meet Marvin the Marvelous Math moose. He is a puppet in my class, but I don't have a picture, and this is him in clipart form. So basically he comes and brings our new word wall words and basically makes the kids think that math is really REALLY fun. They ask for Marvin all the time now. Today he read out the students names when handing out work. Apparently, this was very hilarious. One students told me, "Mrs. Dunn Marvin is sooooo funny." Yup.

And you guessed it... more math... I am working on this enormous project right now. Basically I'm making my own math program that I can use that involves centres- Computer, Alone, Manipulatives, Partner, Problem Solving. It's turning out well, but it's taking FOREVER.
And finally, an art project just to round things off.. we are researching winter animals in science and I figured we could do an art project that tied in to the curriculum. These turned out really well, I love how each one is unique!

That's all for me!

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