Saturday, 1 September 2012

Classroom set up photos

Our school was under construction over the summer, and so we had to move everything out of the classroom at the end of last year. The cleaners and movers came in yesterday (Friday) and got everything back in place, and so this is the state of my classroom with a full day of fixing as of today.

SCARYYYYYYYYYYY.   .   .    .   kids are coming on Tuesday.

So I have set up some things, this is my reading corner, I am going with a green and brown polka dot theme this year.

I have tables this year, I normally have desks so this could get interesting. I decided to have a shelf at the end of each table with only the five students things all in one place.
 So going from left to right, there is a bin for sharp and unsharp pencils, and storage for glue sticks, scissors and white glue in the bin at the back. Students hand in completed work in the pickle bin and hand ins (book orders, homework etc) in the other bin. 

The bottom shelf is where all books are kept, math, social and science scribblers etc. They are not yet labelled of course but will be with colour coding. 
More pictures will follow in the next couple of days as I get things organized.

Mrs. Dunn

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  1. Dynelle! The class looks terrific already! The kids (and teachers) are going to love it ;)