Monday, 10 September 2012

Whole Brain Teaching...In the Beginning

So we are about a week into school, and I have begun Whole Brain Teaching already, and I am LOVIN IT!! I think the kids are more motivated to learn, and my lovely ELL students are really benefitting from this repetitive process. They all know the five rules and often recite them to each other when they are not following them. We use the happy face, sad face, with a big OH YAH when we get a point and an OH MAN when we get a sad face. Mirror= amazing! I love it. Teach, OK we are still working on. I have some students with little language and so they are uncomfortable talking to others. I have been practicing Teach, OK with mirroring me, and that seems to help them out. I also started Teach, OK with just going over directions for an activity, 
Class, Yes, Classity Class, is very much fun and they are getting quick with responses. It is hard for me to believe that they are catching on to this so fast, I am having so much fun with it!!

Mrs. Dunn

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