Thursday, 17 July 2014

Vegas BABY!!!

I went to the TPT conference in Vegas last week. OH MY WORD. It was amazing. I got to meet so many of my online friends, and felt immediately connected to everyone. All the people I met were so friendly and I learned so much from them. The sessions were very informative and I came back with a lot to think about; changing parts of my store, data information and just some general great new ideas. Collaboration is always the key to success, as many brains work better than one.

So my bloggie inspirational teacher Cara Carroll from The First Grade Parade did a super presentation, and I got to meet her after! SOOO exciting. She is as beautiful, funny and brilliant as you could ever imagine.

I also met so many other teacherpreneurs. It was so fun, we would introduce ourselves, and then show each other our logo and start SHRIEKING going I KNOW YOU, I KNOW YOU. It was like everyone was a celebrity to each other. So cool.

Krista Teaching Momster
April Performing in Fifth
Pam Rockin Resources
Debbie Crocketts Classroom 
Jen The Teacher Next Door 
Neetu Cinnamon's Synonyms

Yup, I'm name droppin, but they are all so talented and sweet I gotta mention them all.

Neetu (a fellow Canadian might I add) and I hung out after the meet up and laughed our way through the night. We had such a blast together.

I also SAW but did not MEET Kristin (Teeny Tiny Teacher). She is indeed teeny tiny. We were in the bathroom and not once but TWICE I saw her. Way too awkward to say hello, I mean how does one even begin a conversation in the washroom?
"So, whatcha doin?"
Yah, not so much. Anyways, next time I see her I hope it's not in the washroom in Vegas so I can confidently go say hi and tell her how hilarious and lovely she is in person.

I can't wait for next year!
Mrs. Dunn