Friday, 5 April 2013

Teaching Basic Mapping Skills

I find my students have a lot of difficulty understanding where we live in relation to the rest of the world, so I made these nesting maps out of different sized tin cans so they would all fit together.

We started with our school, and then put it into the Calgary container and so on. I used whole brain teaching to talk about each one, so we mirrored as we went and then the students taught each other. I think we are moving closer to understanding. I really feel that this skill is developmental, so I continue to look at different ways to present the concept throughout the year.

Mrs. Dunn


  1. I tried to do a similar activity with my kiddos last week, but it BOMBED! IT ended up just turning into them copying the order I had as my example, not about the concept of the relation between cities, countries, continents, etc.
    How did you teach your kiddos this? Also - where did you get those different sized cans?

    1. The cans I just collected from different foods!! So smaller and larger soup cans, a big can from those tomatoes you can get and a coffee container as the biggest.
      Whole Brain Teaching was the method I found to help the most. The first time we did it, it was a bit of a disaster. So grade ones what city do we live in? Ummm the world....... Haha.
      So basically I show the students with the cans first. Our school is in the city of calgary and I put the school can inside of the calgary can. Then our city, calgary, is in the province Alberta, and put the calgary can into the Alberta can. ETC.
      Then I have some student helper practice doing it a few times. Then we do repeat after me with actions, so each one has an action with it and the students repeat. ie. The city calgary is in Alberta. The province Alberta is in Canada.
      Once Students are getting this, we do it a few times, then I have them teach each other, with actions in the phrases I taught them.
      I will see if I can video it when I go back to school sometime this week.
      Hope this helps!! :)