Friday, 26 April 2013

Gingerbread man story- Better Late then never

Well, this happened a long long time ago. And I meant to post about it, but didn't. And now it is spring. I suppose better late than never right?

So we did a super fun story writing activity based on the book:
Basically, we rewrote the story, but what was unique about this was that we used mapping skills (with a map of the school) to see if we could find him, and so after writing each page, we would go in search of the gingerbread man in that location.

 Title page, sorry for the blurry, I laminated and bound the books so the shine didn't quite work out.
 Beginning of the story. this was VERY scripted.
Here is where we used our social studies map skills. I copied a school map into the story, and before we wrote each page we went to see if the gingerbread man was in that location. Then we would come back and write and colour that page. This is a great way to make things interactive and get a little DPA in there too!

WARNING: I may have built this part up... a little too much... like ooo I think I saw him run past, we need to be super quiet so he doesn't run away. We also found notes that he left us in each location. I built this up so much to the point where when we got to the library children thought they had found him, and someone said they say him run past the library window. Why is this a bad thing you may ask, keep reading to find out.

We then made missing posters just before going to the office to look for him. We brought our missing posters to the secretary to see if she had found him, which by chance she actually had.

Here is the reason for the warning. The children were expecting a real, live, running, talking, singing, dancing, magical gingerbread man. And we found... a paper laminated copy. Needless to say, there was some seriously disappointed faces. What a let down.
Anyway, all in all it was a fun story writing activity. Although I know the season is over, if you are interested for next year, here it is to purchase:


  1. Dynelle! Fantastic, interactive, imaginative, cross-currciular idea!