Saturday, 22 December 2012

Polar Express and the World is Ending

Well, yesterday was the last day before Christmas break, WOOHOO! I came down the hallway to hear proclamations of " I saw the meteor, I saw the meteor, I saw it!" and then "Mrs. Dunn, I think the world is ending" 
Oh Dear. Well it looks like we've survived to see another day, what a relief.
On to the Christmas festivities! Thursday was polar express day, so we all wore our pyjamas, so much fun.
The students spent the entire morning at Centers and then watched the movie in the afternoon.
I usually give out tickets and at the end of the day each student gets a bell.
Here are the centers:
CH words
Inspired by Hot Chocolate
Students selected from six marshmallows three that begin with ch.

The first give of Christmas bell. Students make their bell and write on the back what they would get if they had the first gift of Christmas.

 Students listen and watch story book the Polar Express on the SMART board with the earphones.

Five Senses: I had vocabulary cards, and the students drew and wrote about what they could see, hear, smell, taste and touch in the Polar Express.

I found a sight word game the students enjoyed playing here.

I got this idea super cute doubles matching activity from TPT here.

The kids had so much fun!
Mrs. Dunn


  1. Your hot Chocolate activity looks like so much fun! We had 5 students did not come to school. One told me she wasn't coming because her mom told her is was the end of the world. Sounds like some of yours thought the same thing.

    The Hive

    1. I had lots missing on the last day as well. So funny!