Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Classroom Jobs

I have always struggled with how to set up jobs in the classroom, as I often forget to change over the jobs, and half the time the students forget what they are supposed to be doing. I am trying a different management idea this year. I love Stephen Covey's The Leader in Me books, and he promotes leadership in the classroom. Students will be in groups of 5, and each will have a leadership job with a reminder card on their table. They will do this job for one week and then rotate.

The group line leader is fairly self explanatory, when the group lines up for the carpet or hallway they lead the line.
The materials monitor hands out materials and looks after keeping them organized.
The reader leader helps to keep the library organized and gets the privilege of sitting in the reading corner during DEAR time.
The hand out leader gives activities and booklets to the group.
The  group monitor is in charge of keeping their group quiet if I am busy (on the phone) and also in the hallway. A group point system will be used to help out with this.
Mrs. Dunn

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