Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Clothespin Pinterest fail- and win!

So I did this long ago, and was going to blog about it but just never got around to it! So finally it is summer and I have time to catch up. I tried this idea from Pinterest and for me, it was a FAIL. (from Middle School For Life). The clothespins broke, the pins fell off and it was a hot mess for me in my room.
So instead I tried this with much better results. I bought plastic clothespins from Walmart that look something like this. They have to be flat at the top. I then pushed the pin THROUGH the plastic and pushed it into the wall. Well, it lasted the rest of the year and is still going strong.
Here is what it looked like, I use this board to put up my students math work activities and it works GREAT!


  1. Keeping it real!!! I love it!!!
    I love love love your bulletin board -- those are my colors, too!! :)

    1. Thanks Kristin!!! I love these colours too. And I totally took your tip about keeping it real from the blogging panel ;) You are the best.