Saturday, 9 May 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

This year my hubby and little one were full of so much sweetness, flowers, brunch and LOTS of love. Of course my little guy was up a good chunk of the night with a cold, but looking on the bright side we did lots of snuggling, even if a sniffly nose was involved!!!

At school the kids made these cute canvas paintings, they were so excited to give them to 'that special lady in their life'.

I always have a hard time with mother's day as I think it must bring up some pretty sad feelings with some of our littles, and I carefully dance around the topic as best as I can. I can only imagine that it must be like rubbing salt in a wound for some kids. How do you address this in your classroom? It is something I have always been conscious of and I want to be considerate of all my students.

These paintings could be given to any special person in their life, and I think they turned out really great!

Mrs. Dunn

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