Monday, 22 October 2012

Documenting Learning in Math

Today we were talking about how a number stays the same no matter what the arrangement of objects looked like. I used whole brain teaching to start, MIRROR, showed them how to arrange, then, TEACH OK, students showed each other how the number stays the same, then back to our desk to work with a partner.

SOOO I had this idea that I would film them as they were working with a partner. I normally just walk around and shout things like, DON'T put that counter up your nose or can you PLEASE not make alien pictures and do your job. Today students were actually pretty well on task, so I grabbed my camera and started filming.

The results were very interesting. I noted that many students were still counting to determine how many, even though their partner had just rearranged the counters. 

My thought is that tomorrow's math lesson, I will show them a video example of students  working with a partner and NOT having to count to know how many. Then we will discuss what we see and try again. 

Thoughts? How do you document student understanding in math?

Mrs. Dunn


  1. Hi Dynelle,

    I found your blog thru your post on the TpT forum. I'm glad I did. It's fun to find other first grade teacher bloggers. I love your idea of using the video to document student learning. I am your newest follower.

    First Grade Schoolhouse

  2. Thanks Mona! I'm always happy to see other firstie teachers too!! Your blog looks super!