Saturday, 6 May 2017

10 Must Have Classroom Essentials- Part 1

I find as a teacher I am constantly scouring the internet/books/asking other teachers for innovative ways to solve problems that I encounter in my classroom. I decided to do a little series (I will TRY to do 1 each week) of the top 10 essential 'problem solving items' in my classroom. 

Problem: Losing my voice/students focusing on my voice and directions. 
Have you ever found that all of that talking makes your voice run out of steam pretty quickly? I know I have. I also know that my students have some, erm, trouble hearing my voice at times. I'm not a quiet person at all, but even with a loud voice I still have some students struggle to 'focus on the sound of my voice'.
I knew I needed a voice amplifier, and over the years I have managed to snag one from our district services or Library, but they can be difficult to come by and are often broken or missing parts.
So I went searching on the internet to see if there was something affordable that I could get for myself and then I wouldn't have to worry each year about finding one.

SOLUTION: Enter the WinBridge voice amplifier. This thing is amazing. No separate speaker required, I attach this to my belt at the beginning of the day and I am ready to go. It is easy to charge and I find it lasts for quite a while. The headset works well and I don't find feedback to be an issue unless I put the mic too close to the amplifier.

At around $40, this has saved time, effort and MY VOICE. I just can't live without this classroom essential.

Check in next week to find another MUST HAVE in my classroom.

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