Thursday, 6 March 2014

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is right around when we are doing the Building Things Unit in Grade One Science, so it ties in PERFECTLY. I have the kids make traps at home and then we do activities with it at school, including this one.
The students put the directions in order for how to make their trap. The students set their traps the day before, so make sure that parents know which day to send them in, and then that rascally leprechaun comes overnight. He left little footprints and made a disaster in the classroom. He must have escaped out the window!!

We have so much fun! What do you do in your classroom? For the full resource with my St. Patrick's Day activities, look here.


  1. Thank you for hosting the linky! I love the idea of creating/setting leprechaun traps and sequencing the instructions. So fun! :)

    A Chocolate Dudley

  2. Totally not related to your post (which is very cute!), but I saw your post in the TPT forum and had to hop over here to "meet" you. I am also a "Ms." Dunn and until last year I taught first grade! Such a small world. ;-)

  3. Oh my gosh those footprints are TOO CUTE!!! I just clicked to follow you! Keep blogging!