Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Father's Day Part 2 and.... MICE!!!!!

After firing our Father's Day plaques in the kiln, we finally got to paint today and they turned out AMAZING!

First we used Tempera paint and did the entire thing yellow. Then I mixed acrylic with some white and water (a super suggestion from my artsy partner teacher) and painted the word DAD in blue. We then painted the face, and used sharpie for the hair and dots on the eyes. The kids were so proud of their work!!!

On a completely unrelated note, after we finished painting, we had a visit from a . . . well . . . rather unwanted visitor today. MICE. Cue children and their teacher running and screeching and hopping up on top of chairs. Yah, so not a lot of productive work can get done when this happens. Trying to complete agendas amid shouts of "It's over there!" "AHHHH I just saw it" does not really work. 
So I decided to try and get it. Because really, how will we get anything done otherwise. After a few tries, I finally got a bowl over top of the mouse and the children shouted hurrays, as of course this makes me very heroic (this will make an awesome story to tell parents tonight, oh boy) Then one student goes, uuuuhhhh I think it escaped. So, I go over and sure enough I see that little guy out and about. I couldn't figure it out so I lifted the bowl and BAHHHH there are two of them. I  shouted in terror told the students to remain calm and put the bowl back over the other one but still one escaped. This went on for a while trying to catch the second one until finally it was time to go home, and the custodian came to round up the mice.
Talk about an exciting afternoon.

Mrs. Dunn


  1. What an eventful day you had! Hopefully you won't have any visitors tomorrow!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  2. SOOOO adorable! Love the contrast colours and the fine details ;*)

  3. The kids did a great job!!! I'm jealous that you have a kiln!!!!!